Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is PathwayOregon?
A: PathwayOregon is a promise that tuition and fees for academically qualified, Federal Pell Grant eligible Oregonians will be covered by federal, state, and university grants and scholarships for four years. Students also receive the academic and personal support that will enable them to succeed and graduate from the UO within twelve terms.

Q: How do I apply?
You will be automatically considered for PathwayOregon when you:

  • apply for UO admission by January 15
  • complete the FAFSA by February 15 and include the UO (code 003223) as one of your college choices

Q: How long are Pathway students eligible for support?
A: As long as students remain eligible for the Federal Pell Grant, they are provided tuition and fees for twelve terms of attendance. Students remain eligible for the academic and personal support until they graduate.

Q: If I am a PathwayOregon student, may I receive additional grants and scholarships?
A: Yes. Many PathwayOregon students receive grants or scholarships beyond the cost of tuition and fees. Your financial aid award letter will list any other scholarships or grants you are eligible to receive. Most students are offered a combination of grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study.

Q: Can I still get financial aid if I am not eligible for PathwayOregon?
A: Absolutely. If you do not qualify for PathwayOregon, you will still be considered for grants, work-study programs, loans, and scholarships to help cover costs. The key is to apply for financial aid by completing the FAFSA by February 15 to ensure processing by the March 1 deadline.

Q: If I am a PathwayOregon student, will my financial aid award include loans?
A: Maybe. PathwayOregon promises that an eligible student’s tuition and fees will be covered without loans. However, a PathwayOregon student’s financial aid award may include loans to cover other costs, such as housing and food, books and supplies, and personal expenses.

Q: Do part-time or dual-enrollment students qualify for PathwayOregon?
No. Only full-time students enrolled at the UO for a minimum of twelve credits receive PathwayOregon.

Q: How is the PathwayOregon program funded?
A: Resources for PathwayOregon come from federal, state, and University of Oregon programs, including funds provided through private donations.